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Was Excellent once upon a time...

Alas, how to make a HUGE strategic error. My previous 5 star rating is now 1 star because zero is not possible. I know that journalists and staff need to be paid, but not by squeezing cash out of iPhone readers! I actually buy the times everyday (paper) from my news vendor. I do not have a subscription because you do not deliver where I live (on the same day) so why should I have to pay twice??! Get a grip, New York Times and review your strategy. iPad and Laptop subscriptions, maybe, but forcing existing readers and squinting iphoners to pay is ridiculous.

Not free anymore... Im out !

Sometimes, I wonder how people think. Congratulation NYTimes, you just loose a bunch of readers in the world... I just hope you thought about collateral damage before taking this decision...

I am deleting the application

This newspaper is writing trash information. Therefore, I am sending the application to the trash today, because I think it is not worth the room it occupies on my Ipod Touch.


About once every couple of days, the app goes into pighead mode: it refuses to start, the black opening screen hangs there for a couple of minutes and then the app quits. Start it again and it starts fine, but all your settings (user account, starred sections etc) are wiped out. This is not acceptable, no way to treat a paying subscriber.

One of my top 5 apps


Extremely disappointed - Defects not fixed

This application has not solved the defects seen in the previous versions: Irresponsive at start-up during several seconds Ads showing in the lower section of the screen even for subscribers Ads showing before newspaper content! If you lock your iPhone while reading an article, the application will no start back on the same article, but rather reset itself to Top News No orientation screen lock

There is no free lunch

Excellent app! The monthly subscription fee is modest once one takes into account the wealth of information available, and not found in any European paper.

Great newspaer

Fantastic ive been using this application ever since its lauch... I love it It keeps me connected with Big Apple in a special way ;o)

Very professional..real free stuff

One of the few real free apps in this category. Well designed and a lot of content, although mainly focussed on US (good if you are a North American sports fan, not good if you look for the last news in soccer or rugby championships). Worth the download.


Very good App !

Good App!

Good App, very nice.


Its very good app but the problem is that I have not mastered French and English: I wish we could change the language in French

Best newspaper on internet

I am very satisfied with this newspaper. Even without subscription the essential information is available for free. Decided to go for a paid because i think that these superb journalists need to be rewarded and i have been a free rider since 1996. Now thats enough.


Very good app and you can get a lot out of it for free


Boffff "

Great free selection

Their (free) top news is usually a great balanced selection of whats on.

Great app nothing to add!!!




Can not download entire newspaper

A major shortcoming of the app is the inability for subscribers like me to download the entire paper with one click. My IPad and Mini Ipad only have WiFi! Look at apps such as those of The Economist and El Pais as an example.

NYT repeatedly bugs

NYT cant seem to get it right. You pay your subsctiption on the kiosk and still they tell you youre not a subscriber. Rather disgraceful.

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